Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gina & Collin Get Engaged!!!

Friday we knew it was going down - Collin got the hardware last weekend and he planned on popping the question after work on Friday. He got out early and set the house up. He told Gina that he was having someone over to look at his car (selling it) and he didnt want her around. So she hung with Andrea for a while, then got home at 5:15 and he had the ring around their dogs neck! Meanwhile, Mark, Andrea, Danny and I were across the street at Lindys, on the patio. She called both our phones a few times (we didnt pick up). She suggested to him they go to Lindys to celebrate and he said "Im a step ahead of you, I have a table reserved" so it was perfect to get here there. We totally surprised her!

Waiting for the newly engaged couple.

There they are!!!

Showing off the bling!

The soon to be Mr & Mrs Moser!


He picked a winner!

Gina was calling her mom, and finally spoke to her (they live in Cleveland) and 10 mins later, her and her step dad showed up! It was actually a surprise to us - even Collin!

Gina ordered every appetizer on the menu and a bottle of champagne, which of course she thought she was going to pay - hell no! we split the bill with the Silnes'. Silly Gina.

After a little bit back at their house, we walked to Club 185!

Mark was trying to pose me with my ODouls...was sooo funny.

Back at the house, the boys were arm wrestling - duh, what else would they be doing?

CONGRATS YOU TWO! Guess who'll be doing a lot of the planning - you got it. 1st baby, then wedding planning, Im going to be a busy girl.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

phenominal weekend coming to an end :(

What a great weekend. Friday I got our of work early. Then we got cheese steaks and ice cream cones (couldnt eat much worse than that!). Saturday I woke up early, picked Judy up and we drove to Cincinnati for IKEA!! We got some great stuff for the nursery. Even stopped by my PHX friend Brian's brothers smoothie shop for sandwiches and a smoothie! But my phone was dead b/c danny got us iPhones! I hope AT&T works well. He gets a Chase discount so the set-up fe was waived, plus 27% off the monthly bill - we were at $160 but now should be about $110 - nice!

Danny got it all the stuff assembled. We are putting a rocker in the corner (when we find one) and we have a lot more decor to get but heres a sneak peak!

I love that the 2 lamps (floor and on dresser match - cool print)

Judy's crib skirt - so cute.

Not too "kid" looking but the colors are :)

Fathers day started with danny opening a sweet card from Jack, then getting White Sox pacifiers and onesie, plus a Bears bib. Then a trip to the bark park with Parker.

We just got back from dads - good food and Jason's girlfriend Cristy made homemade apple pie - I had 2 slices! And we got our highchair! How perfect is the color, and Judy picked the dot pattern - good call!

Oh and the 22 week belly shot :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

new highchair!!

So everyone said dont bother getting a highchair, just get the seat adder thingy. Well in our kitchen we just have a nice table with 2 modern style chairs wood formed, so we'd need to buy another chair....then I was looking through Fit Pregnancy, I found this awesome Stokke highchair chair - of course way too much to get. But I showed my dad and stepmom and they just told me they ordered it ("nothings to good for jack"). OMG Im so excited! They got the green one!! It will look so good in the kitchen!!!

Haha I should photoshop our faces on the parents...

Whats great is that the chair grows with the kid so we will have it a long time!!

Thanks Grandpa and Bachan!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

20.5 weeks

Half way there!

Wedding #2 of the season

Today started out with major TStorms! I woke up early and drove the boys to Muirfield for the Memorial Golf Tourney (which they spent the 1st hours at a bar until play resumed. They ended up a few feet from Tiger and Danny got a thumbs up from Phil after yelling at him - overall sounds like a success besides the rain.

Anyhoo - an old family friends son was getting married at 2pm- outside!! I picked my brother up and we grabbed some lunch at the north market. Then we walked to park and wouldnt you know, rain again. But it was short lived and stopped right before the bride showed up! Whewww.

I got this super cute 1 piece romper that I wore, heres the only picture :(

The bride looked beautiful!

Eric's parents.

We had 40 mins to kill before a little reception at Erics parents house, so we walked around the short north and then saw Chris' buddy zac who drives one of the bikes with the 2 seaters in the back and he gave us a lift back - thanks zac!

We stayed the at reception for a little while. Was very sweet.