Sunday, June 20, 2010

phenominal weekend coming to an end :(

What a great weekend. Friday I got our of work early. Then we got cheese steaks and ice cream cones (couldnt eat much worse than that!). Saturday I woke up early, picked Judy up and we drove to Cincinnati for IKEA!! We got some great stuff for the nursery. Even stopped by my PHX friend Brian's brothers smoothie shop for sandwiches and a smoothie! But my phone was dead b/c danny got us iPhones! I hope AT&T works well. He gets a Chase discount so the set-up fe was waived, plus 27% off the monthly bill - we were at $160 but now should be about $110 - nice!

Danny got it all the stuff assembled. We are putting a rocker in the corner (when we find one) and we have a lot more decor to get but heres a sneak peak!

I love that the 2 lamps (floor and on dresser match - cool print)

Judy's crib skirt - so cute.

Not too "kid" looking but the colors are :)

Fathers day started with danny opening a sweet card from Jack, then getting White Sox pacifiers and onesie, plus a Bears bib. Then a trip to the bark park with Parker.

We just got back from dads - good food and Jason's girlfriend Cristy made homemade apple pie - I had 2 slices! And we got our highchair! How perfect is the color, and Judy picked the dot pattern - good call!

Oh and the 22 week belly shot :)

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Four to Score said...

look at you and your belly shot! you look so good, hope you still feel that way!

his room is waaaayyyy cute!

ps - i dropped the bomb today by telling ryan i wanted to take a solo flight out to see you guys after jack makes his arrival. i actually got his approval, pending our financial situation at the time of course. but it's still a tentative yes.