Sunday, June 13, 2010

new highchair!!

So everyone said dont bother getting a highchair, just get the seat adder thingy. Well in our kitchen we just have a nice table with 2 modern style chairs wood formed, so we'd need to buy another chair....then I was looking through Fit Pregnancy, I found this awesome Stokke highchair chair - of course way too much to get. But I showed my dad and stepmom and they just told me they ordered it ("nothings to good for jack"). OMG Im so excited! They got the green one!! It will look so good in the kitchen!!!

Haha I should photoshop our faces on the parents...

Whats great is that the chair grows with the kid so we will have it a long time!!

Thanks Grandpa and Bachan!


Hayley said...

All I can say is jealous!!!!

I love that chair I wanted one so bad with Hanna but just couldn't since she was my last!

You WILL love it.

Four to Score said...

wow! super contemporary... i bet it will look fantastic in your kitchen.

sounds already like grandpa is gonna be "worlds best grandpa!"