Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wedding #2 of the season

Today started out with major TStorms! I woke up early and drove the boys to Muirfield for the Memorial Golf Tourney (which they spent the 1st hours at a bar until play resumed. They ended up a few feet from Tiger and Danny got a thumbs up from Phil after yelling at him - overall sounds like a success besides the rain.

Anyhoo - an old family friends son was getting married at 2pm- outside!! I picked my brother up and we grabbed some lunch at the north market. Then we walked to park and wouldnt you know, rain again. But it was short lived and stopped right before the bride showed up! Whewww.

I got this super cute 1 piece romper that I wore, heres the only picture :(

The bride looked beautiful!

Eric's parents.

We had 40 mins to kill before a little reception at Erics parents house, so we walked around the short north and then saw Chris' buddy zac who drives one of the bikes with the 2 seaters in the back and he gave us a lift back - thanks zac!

We stayed the at reception for a little while. Was very sweet.

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Four to Score said...

weddings, weddings, weddings!

you sure do go to a lot of weddings! i bet your baby shower is gonna have about 400 people, huh?! jk!

super cute romper!