Monday, December 30, 2013

Playroom upgrade

Oh yes how many pins do I see of the playroom chalkboard wall and think I need to do that. Well I finally did. We did a big toy sweep post Xmas and moved stuff around a bit so was good timing. As much as we'd like to get rid of the gym thingy, they love it. 

Love the look the of the wall and it's fun for all of us!

Art zone

Stove grandpa made for Riley's first birthday

Breaking it in

Christmas 2013

This month has flown and before we knew it, Christmas came! Jack wanted superman binoculars (or as he likes to say dinoculars) and Riley wanted a pig...ya not happening kid :)

Christmas Eve was moms annual party and Santa showed! Jack loved it...Riley b-lined it out of the office and hid behind an art easel lol! Then jack put out Santas cookies he helped make and reindeer food then up to bed. 

Early (but not too early) the kids were up and ready to go! They had a ton of stuff so thought it was going to take a while...wrong! They were pros at opening those gifts! 

Mom and my brothers came for breakfast and more presents. Then we facetimed with grandpa/grandma corrigan, aunt Kim and uncle Gary opening more gifts! After that we went to my dad's for more gifts and dinner...whew! Busy day!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Amazing Riley!

Just short of 21 months and she is surprising us everyday with how much she is growing up! She can do all our real puzzles, but also can do all the ipad todder puzzle apps! She knows all her colors, and even was singing "happy birthday" randomly yesterday! She can tell us what hurts (which totally helps!), when jack pushes her (you are so busted now jack!), plus counts to 10....what a smartie! so proud of her and how much she has turned into a little girl these past few months - especially this month!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Doing puzzles on the ipad

Thanksgiving 2013

This year was quiet. My brothers, dad and Judy went to savannah to see my grandparents, so it was just us, my mom, and some snow!

After getting the bird in, we took to the snow and had done fun. Grandma came over for drinks and grub. Ended the night with cuddles in the couch watching tv. A perfect Tday!

My friend gave me the pink snow suit...she looks like the stay puff marshmallow man, but she was warm!

Danny's famous sweet taters with marshmallows are a kid favorite.