Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

This month has flown and before we knew it, Christmas came! Jack wanted superman binoculars (or as he likes to say dinoculars) and Riley wanted a pig...ya not happening kid :)

Christmas Eve was moms annual party and Santa showed! Jack loved it...Riley b-lined it out of the office and hid behind an art easel lol! Then jack put out Santas cookies he helped make and reindeer food then up to bed. 

Early (but not too early) the kids were up and ready to go! They had a ton of stuff so thought it was going to take a while...wrong! They were pros at opening those gifts! 

Mom and my brothers came for breakfast and more presents. Then we facetimed with grandpa/grandma corrigan, aunt Kim and uncle Gary opening more gifts! After that we went to my dad's for more gifts and dinner...whew! Busy day!

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