Sunday, September 25, 2011

Its a girl!

Before we started the Gina/Collin wedding extravaganza, we headed to First Expressions 3D/4D ultrasound to see if we could get a peek at the bun in the over. We went there to preview jack too :) It took a little time (the baby was curled up/then moving all over/then showing the back) but finally we saw what we needed - and it was the 3 lines - a girl!!! she was nonstop moving so we didnt get that many good pictures (even the tech felt bad for us!) But thats ok - we did see all the parts and she was doing good. Next Dr visit we wont get the 20 week ultrasound (we'll only be 17.5 weeks so we will the following visit at 22 weeks) so hope then we can get another good look and get some more technical stats. But she is looking good!

Hard to see but lines for sure - she was so quick in there!

She kept hiding her face (modest like her mom)

Keep cooking in there - we will see you come March!

Gina and Collins wedding weekend!

Gina and Collins wedding finally arrived (and went too quick!). Friday night was rehearsal at the church. Then we went to Schmidts Sausae Haus in German Village for din-din. mmmmm.

 The maids!
 Gotta have a polka band

Saturday I dropped Danny off to get ready with the groom and Mark. I went to Ginas and met up with the bride and Andrea. Then it was time to get the party started (bubbly pre-ceremony)
 Of course being the wedding, i have no pics of it - but here are a few formals (from the side while Brian and Alison work their magic - our photographers too - the best!)

 New favorite picture.
 The Silnes'!
 Between the ceremony and reception the bridal party went to Club 185 for drinks, grub and cool pictures.

 Reception Time!
 Brian taking some cool pics (we were on an outdoor deck and we could spy on them - this is very zoomed)

 Cocktail Hour

 Party Time!

 The dance floor was burning up all night!

 Mark and Andrea doing their famous "wind up the robot" dance.
Super time - now they are off to Jamaica mon!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall is here

This week sure felt like fall. the boys had their matching jerseys on for football last sunday. so cute!

Thursday jack came to visit me at work. he explored a bunch and flirted with the girls. 

 Friday we didnt have work! instead our directors got us tickets to the Country Living Fair! It was freezing but fun to see all the antiques, fall decor and get some hot apple cider. Later in the day I snuck jack out of daycare and we went to see dad at work!

Saturday was the ideal fall day. brisk wind but sunny. jack and i went to the park and shared an ice cream cone while danny did some yardwork. Jack loves picking up leaves. 

Today is actually warm again! but im stil making chili for football - have too! WE LOVE FALL!

bump update - 15 weeks

we are 15 weeks (this is a 14 weeks belly shot) but its growing! Feeling good and next saturday - pending the baby wants to show the goods - we should know the gender!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby #2!

 Yep - #2 is on its way!!! July 4th we took a test - and there were fireworks - positive! We are 13 weeks and due March 11 (for those who dont know, thats Johnny Appleseed day).

Its positive!
Week 8 Ultrasound - your first picture #2!
11 weeks - this one is popping way faster than Jack!

No Labor - Labor Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! Danny and I played hookie Friday. That is 1 of jacks daycare days so we dropped him off and had some fun - breakfast, then went to the outlet mall 40 mins south of columbus. we got a new West Elm kitchen table (was 450 for 199!) and got some clothes. Then we barely made it back in time for Mr Sushi's lunch special - wheww!

Friday night we went to Mark and Andreas for a cookout. Jack loves his Aunt Gigi. 

Saturday night we had a wedding. Our olf friend Robins daughter Stephanie. I did her invites and program :) The wedding was blast!

She stole my exact cake (except with blue ribbons instead of brown :) Well it was a pretty design right!

Monday was GORGEOUS! Fall weather!! We had to go to Creekside and see the ducks and take a family stroll.

The morning was PJ time :)

Look at all the leaves starting to fall mom!