Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jacks first school program!

Last Monday jack had his first program at school...a thanksgiving "thankful" one! It was the 3 preschool classes (each with 8 kids), the prek and kindergarten ones too! They were adorable! 

Jack was of course front and center....but he barely sung! He loves to dance and sign so he totally got some stage fright haha! But who cares when you are this cute! Good job buddy!!

You could tell he was starting to get really nervous...he had this look on his face like "what's my out" he faked a knee injury! It was hilarious! While those who were upset ran to their parents, he thought if an excuse! But he got right back out there!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zoolights 2013

This year was the best! It was in the upper 50s and the zoo was closed to the public for Limited Brands employees. No lines, no crowds, was awesome. We were the only ones in the manatee exhibit for 10 mins ... That place is usually so crowded! The kids ran around it having so much fun. Plus the attractions were free. Santa was about a 20 mins wait and the picture is just as expected! Jack posed perfect and Riley had a meltdown....I love it!

Also here are some cute pics of Riley in the morning...she loves to march in the leaves :)

Starting to decorate....yes already

I hate that thanksgiving is soooo late this month. I couldn't help it and started to decorate the house!!! Next weekend the tree will go up but we love a holiday house and couldn't hold out any longer!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Counted to 10!

She's been counting to 3 for a while but driving to school this morning I could hear her counting dots on her bookbag...1...2... Then she got 5 and I was impressed...then 6...7...8...9...10! I was totally in awe! Amazing! I asked her to count again tonight and she keeps going to 7 and repeating 7 lol, but this morning she totally knocked my socks off - great job Riley!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Best friends

I can't stop taking pics of these two a few years all these pics will be reminders of how they used to love each other when jack is pulling her hair or she is throwing something at him ;)

This is my favorite

Saturday, November 9, 2013

20 months!

Hard to believe but Riley is out of the teens and is 20 months old! We were gone on a quick vacation for 4 days and just in the short time she's doing/saying so much more. It's true everyday they if she'd only get that hair growing faster!

New stuff:
Tries to fly like superman
She totally maneuvers the iPhone or iPad to photos and watches videos or play games (her kindle is a little hard to maneuver between apps still for her though once in a puzzle or drawing app does great)
Pulls her pants down and sits on the potty (no where close to actually going lol)
Blows when you tell her to blow into the tissue

New sayings:
"I can do it"
"Riley brush teeth"
"Parker ate it"
"Dark side" (for dark outside now that it's daylight savings)
She loves Calliou and when we read his books: "calliou bump knee" (he fell off his bike) or will tell you which book "calliou Halloween" / "calliou birds" etc
"All done"
"My house" when we pull up to the house
"My school" when we pull-up to the school 

Such a smartie!


It was a little wet...but this year was awesome! Out street was filled with kids and ours loved every minute! Was so much fun!! We hit a few houses then Riley and I came back to pass out candy while dad and jack and Danny did almost to end! 

However I think both kids enjoyed passing it out the best. Riley would hold a piece and say "more friends" waiting for the next one. They would come up and she would say "halloweeeeen" (for happy Halloween) and put the candy in their sack or Paul. Jack would yell "candy ! Candy!" alerting everyone we had the goods. Was the best time! Can't wait for next year!!!!

Our trick or treaters!