Saturday, November 9, 2013

20 months!

Hard to believe but Riley is out of the teens and is 20 months old! We were gone on a quick vacation for 4 days and just in the short time she's doing/saying so much more. It's true everyday they if she'd only get that hair growing faster!

New stuff:
Tries to fly like superman
She totally maneuvers the iPhone or iPad to photos and watches videos or play games (her kindle is a little hard to maneuver between apps still for her though once in a puzzle or drawing app does great)
Pulls her pants down and sits on the potty (no where close to actually going lol)
Blows when you tell her to blow into the tissue

New sayings:
"I can do it"
"Riley brush teeth"
"Parker ate it"
"Dark side" (for dark outside now that it's daylight savings)
She loves Calliou and when we read his books: "calliou bump knee" (he fell off his bike) or will tell you which book "calliou Halloween" / "calliou birds" etc
"All done"
"My house" when we pull up to the house
"My school" when we pull-up to the school 

Such a smartie!

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