Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goin' For the Gold Olympic Skating

So not really "Olympic" but how about qualifying for the central Ohio regional's? Saturday, my mom, older brother, his girlfriend, Wookie and us went ice skating! Everyone was awesome - i was ok. Danny and my mom could be pairs figure skaters for sure. Was a fun time and no one broke a hip or arm.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I hope everyone is having a GREAT day! Since its on a Sunday this year, Im sure most couples are making weekend of it like us. Friday night was dinner at Brio @ Easton - we love sitting at their bar actually - we arent sit at a fancy table type if you didnt know :) Anyhoo, i got the scallops with orzo and danny made his own dish, canjun'ish shrimp with a side of roasted potatoes and a parm crusted chicken breast. A La Ryan Wick, Danny gave me a card with cash it in for a new bag - woo hoo! Lots of good wine, drinks and good fun and then home to watch the opening ceremonies!

Yesterday my friend Gina and I went to the outlet mall (which I hadnt been too) and hit the coach store there to see if they had anything - and I hit the jackpot. Bam: $450 Madison bag onsale plus the 20% from the door for $179! I love this bag and I love the green color and the option for a messanger style. Was the last one and in line even people were like "where'd you get that"? Ahahahaha. Plus I was under what he gave me, Thanks baby!

Last night was grilled cheese sandwiches and lots of Olympics - love it. Today we planned on ice skating BUT F-IT, Chiptole and Olympics is perfect! Im planning on making a nice dinner though...lets hope I dont ruin it - danny does the cooking.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vday starts early

danny had 2 dozen roses sent to my today - hello 4 days early - i see how this year will be...i love him! thanks baby!


I joined an all-girls local designers group that meets 1+ times a month to do create things around town. They are called Indieology and a few of my friends are founders. Wed night I attended my 1st event at Igloo letterpress! It was so fun - we got use her equipment and make Vday cards! She had premade plates with saying and they were awesome! Im soooo going back and making stationery!

I added some stitching to mine - love it!

Then, i got creative and punched holes in the envelopes so the color of the card pops through!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Well the Corrigans threw the superbowl party and man, were we ready: Jerseys, made Parker a shirt, made Jello shots in colts and saints colors, subway 3 foot party sub, chili, a beer helmet, 3 flat screen TVs....but disappointment! Dang saints! Wookie came and she brought them luck with her homemade sign. Oh well, it was a blast and we had a lot of people. We planned on taking today off which made it better :)

The Saints pineapple shots were actually kinda gross.

The sub was so big we couldnt fit it on the bar so we had to put it on the pool table!

Little Grace came for her 1st superbowl :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Labatts Blue & Bluejackets Hockey

Last night we got to use our xmas gift from dannys sister kim - tickets to the Bluejackets/Sabres game and oh man - we had the best seats ever!!! we were front row, right where the zamboni comes out!!! That section only has 2 seats so I didnt have to make everyone move when i had to pee - awesome!

There were a TON of Buffalo fans (they always travel down I guess) and they were loud BUT the bluejackets kicked there ass 4-0!! Was a great game and we had the best time ever at a bluejackets game!

We could see us the big screen during the anthem - well barely :)
When in Rome (or a hockey game) gotta drink the Canadian beer!



Heres a video of the Bluejackets coming out on the ice. Sweet seats huh! Thanks kim!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Early Dismissal!

Its dumping snow so we got out of work early! Within like 4 hours we had about 4 inches of snow. Parker loves the snow and was happy mom came home to play :)

Parker loves to jump and catch snowballs - this is a hilarious picture! She'd be embarrassed if she found out I posted it :)

BBW Email Blast

So my best buddy Joni just got this email from Bath and Body Works...haha - look at that cute couple.

Then this morning, I was in the café getting some coffee and some lady was like “Are you the model on that box” - I said “Lady, I'm no model, that is a random picture...and the only random picture where my husband and I aren't holding a beer”. SO FUNNY! After Vday I think its on sale so you won't see anymore posts :)

Colleen - for Holiday 2010 we might be adding some picture frames in again...if we need kids, Ill pull for yours :)