Monday, February 8, 2010


Well the Corrigans threw the superbowl party and man, were we ready: Jerseys, made Parker a shirt, made Jello shots in colts and saints colors, subway 3 foot party sub, chili, a beer helmet, 3 flat screen TVs....but disappointment! Dang saints! Wookie came and she brought them luck with her homemade sign. Oh well, it was a blast and we had a lot of people. We planned on taking today off which made it better :)

The Saints pineapple shots were actually kinda gross.

The sub was so big we couldnt fit it on the bar so we had to put it on the pool table!

Little Grace came for her 1st superbowl :)


Hayley said...

Wow looks like a blast! Maybe next time for the Saints!

Four to Score said...

dat's right!

those football cookies are super cute... i'm guessing danny?

looks like a fun party anyway ;-)