Sunday, September 29, 2013

Small sentences and possession!

Riley has been saying "mine" for a few weeks but now we have possession for others! Plus some other small sentences. Here's a few that come to mind:

Jacks water
Daddy's coffee
Mommys beer
My apple
Night-night Jack

She also is getting the concept of numbers! She separates stuff out one by one and says "1...2..." but that's as far as she goes. She even puts up "1" and "2" fingers . And when there are 2 she knows it and will say for example: "2 binkies" or "2 nanas"

Plus some random words this week:

She's growing up so fast!


Theres a local nursery about 2 miles away and turns out they have an awesome fall/Halloween set up for the kids! They even do bday parties which I wish I knew before since jacks is coming up! They have a haunted house, pumpkins pre picked, hay maze, pigs, corn pit, popcorn, free goodie bags and more! All for $7 a kid! They had a great time and we will probably be back next weekend!

Apple picking 2013

Same orchard, new season! We love lynds and they always have a great benefit for children's hospital in the fall. This year was chilly in the morning but warned right up! Riley loved eating apples with her teeth though last year she tried her best without teeth! This year was lots of fun!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home sweet home

I finally updated my iPhone software (I skipped OS6 bc jack loves YouTube and they removed the app lol) but I did OS7 and I love the panoramic camera shots. I just started snapping the house! Well we have a lot to do still but it's coming along! And jack hates the new YouTube too actually!