Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's the "every week they grow up faster and faster" stage

Riley is such a big girl now I can't get over it. Last week she started the cot at school and her teacher says she is amazing on it - never gets up and goes right out. She kicks/dribbles a soccer ball!! She even sits on the big girl swing.

She says yes or shakes her head (she's been saying no forever) so it's nice to ask her questions and get a real answer! Example: do you want pancakes? Yes! Just like her brother she likes "trucks", "dinosaurs, and "planes". Always pointing them out while we drive (ok not dinos). But even a mixing truck she says truck then moves her hands in a circle like the cement drum!

She follows directions (usually ;) like putting trash in the can or putting her crayons on the table etc

She is saying words that I didn't even know she would know and starting to say small sentences. The best phrase this week is "love you" as you leave or put her to bed (even said love you dada"...Awwww. 

More words that she just busted out this week are:
"Spider" (saw on TV and just said it)
"B" whenever she points to letters lol (though she will say ABC)
"Potty book" bc she loves this kid book on potty training lol
"Shoes" and "socks" which she's sort of said for a while but now they are pronounced
"Broccoli" she loves it
"French fry"
"Calliou" which is a sprout cartoon and we gave some books

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