Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter was busy this year. My aunt Christy and Cousin Erica came to town to meet jack. They arrived Thursday night and brought rain. We had rain/clouds all weekend. BUT Everytime we had something planned, the skys stopped raining just long enough!

Friday morning we went to breakfast. Jack will take a tall frosty milk.

That afternoon we went to the zoo! Since its wasnt super nice out, it was crowded at all!

Bundled up!

A lunch pitstop
Mantees are my favorites!

Jack LOVED the aquarium! We have to get him a fishtank!
Saturday was Easter at our place.
Wish this wasnt with my cell and a regular camera - so cute!
Jacks a pro at sitting up now.

Sitting at the table with the adults

We drank and played trivial pursuit for over 5 hours! My dad and Chris won (eventhough chris spent the last 2 hours on his phone)
Sunday we went to the conservatory. Again cloudy weather but still ok. Its mostly inside so that was a plus.

Christy and Erica
There are lots of butterflies in 1 room.

I love the outside of it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunny & Seinfeld

This week was CRAZY at work so a nice weekend was needed :) Friday night dad babysat while we went to see Seinfeld. Im not much of a type to see a comedian but had to see him - and what a show....hil-ar-i-ous! It was at the Ohio Theater downtown - a landmark. Its gorgeous. Of course my iphone pics didnt turn out. But you get the idea of the place....

Balcony seats but at this place, there are no bad seats. Just a mic out there...very cool.

Saturday wasnt as nice as they said! Booo!!! But we still got some walks around the block in. Mom and Jack took off shopping in the morning while dad got directv installed. We got a new bouncer for jack. so far a winner.

Sunday I didnt get up till 8:45! Came down to breakfast, a cup of coffee, the rugs vaccumed, a happy kid and cute hubby. Then danny took jack and parker for a walk while i watched one of my favorite shows, Sunday Morning - nice :)

At noon we went down to Creekside (the park where we were married). Was 80 degrees with a breeze. so gorgeous out. Jack had a good time walking in the park, seeing ducks and hanging by the fountains.



My new favorite pic :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here are some pics of the last few weeks in the Corrigan household

We had a fiesta night at Gina and Collins so I made mustaches...they turned out pretty good!

Open day was last Thursday so we had our annual tradition of making hot dogs, wearing our jerseys and a few beers...but this year, we had a new baseball fan :)

Jack is sitting up more and more - what a big boy :)
whoa kinda leaning...
...and hes down!