Monday, August 25, 2014

Pelotonia 2014

Danny rode on the LBrands peloton this year and collectively the Corrigans raised $2000 due to my company matching it!! We woke up early and hung out with daddy as he waited for it to start! He rode 50 miles in 3 hours with the kids racing up to him at the finish lol. Everyone around us cheered...was adorable :) great job Danny!!!

The Fray

A few weeks ago Danny and I went to Cleveland for a date night! He got tickets to see the Fray, one of my favorites! It was at Jacobs pavilion right downtown on the river. Was very intimate. I got a wave from the guitarist preshow. Then in the second show Isaac the singer jumped down and ran up an isle close to us...well I bolted down there and got a hug as he was signing! The I chased him (beer still in hand), then he jumped on a table and sang right in front of me...was awesome!! Best date night ever!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Block Party 2014

What a fantastic block party this year! It's crazy once you get all the kids on our street together...there's a ton! We had the annual dunk tank, balloon guy, foam, s'mores, sack races, food, music, coolers of beer and lots of happy kids :) love our street!

Jack actually did the dunk tank this! Rumor was he was the youngest to ever do it!! Once he went under he freaked a little but then huge smile :) proud of that kid! 

In line for the dunk tank!
Getting ready!
Fire away!
And he goes down!

First Crew Game

It was my works night at the crew game last weekend against the galaxy! Was really nice of them, super seats, $10 food coupons per person, free parking and our own roped off area pregame. The kids had a blast! Of course the horns were a big hit :) Totally going again!