Sunday, May 20, 2012

summer starting!

 Boy did it seem like summer this week!!! Was my 2nd to last week on maternity leave and the weather is making me not want to go back and sit inside all day!

Rileys first swing ride! Jack even helped push!

Bubbles for jack and parker

We met Jamie and her son Kaiden for some playtime. She also just had a baby (we are like baby making twins) so I got to meet Landon too! The boys had a blast. We have to do it again soon!

Friday was the alumni weekend kickoff - coffee with mr and mrs stewart! He was my history and more importantly, my basketball coach! I hadnt seen him in maybe 13-14 years! Was so great to see him. Wellington has doubled in size too - doesnt look like when we went there! We took a tour. 

Me and my girls!

You guys are the best! The Stewarts!

Secrets for Riley :)

Saturday was amazing - pool and beers!

 Naked boy :)

Sunday jack had a little fever so we stayed inside....adorable pic of the kids and dad! Love these guys. 

moms day 2012

This year we had grandma corrigan to celebrate being a grandma with her grandkids this year! We met my mom and brothers for lunch.

 Jack looks like lady and tramp eating his pasta!

Group shot!

Too cute!

 My 1st moms day with Riley :)

grandma and grandpa visit!

 Last week grandma and grandpa corrigan came to town! Grandpa went with danny to Chicago for kiki's wedding for a few days but we got in lots of stuff!

Thursday we went to zoo - was the most perfect day!

That night we had a little BBQ with all the parents.  

Friday, after the boys left, we met my dad and Judy at the conservatory.  

Grandma and jack played a bunch.  

 Grandpa was back from Chi-town to get his Jack and Riley fix.

 Spoiled with a new front end loader! His new favorite toy for sure!

 Before they left, we went to Creekside to feed the duckies and get ice cream.

Monday, May 7, 2012

family fun

The weather has been awesome here - summerlike! We've been trying to get out as much as possible. We got the deck furniture all done - looks awesome - so lots of "treetop deck" time. We call it treetop b/c it oes out of the livingroom but since we are on a hill, its the 2nd story on the back of the house above the other deck. But I digress...anyhoo, heres some of my fav pics from the past few weeks. 

 Chiptole saturdays!
 Lots of park and walk time

Riley 2 months

Wow - 2 months already. Almost done with maternity leave :( Riley is doing great - though still getting up 1 time at night - come on kid, let mom get a full night before i head back! Shes a big eater still and Wednesday we get her 2 month stats - im guessing shes on the chunky side :)

Heres some of my fav pics of our little girl!

Jack loves her so much - he always has to give her kisses and chill with her 

 Ok here she is 6 weeks - too cute not to share :)

Heres a cute video of her doing tummy time with some help from her big brother!