Monday, May 7, 2012

big boy jack

Jack has amazed us the past month. He is just so smart! He repeats words back (not perfectly but good enough!), you can tell he understands what we tell him, and is starting sentences!

He says "HI --- (insert your name)" and "Bye --- (insert your name)" - actually he says bye to everything that he leaves LOL.
"No apples (insert fruit)"
"Done" and hand you the plate or cup
"More --- (insert food) --- please"
"Up" and "down" when he wants it (or when hes doing stairs)
Some new words: cow, duckies, backhoe, doggie, truck, dump truck, side (for outside), teeth (for brushing teeth), milk, cheese, bubbles, bath, makes the sound a firetruck makes, poop, bus, sure there is more just cant think of them :)

He just looks so grown up :)

 Weve had the potty out for 2 months...he goes in with us and sits on it...still wont pull the pants down but this is a cute to torture him with later!

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