Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The past month...

 Its been busy - as youd expect :) Jack is loving his sister. He helps with her diapers and gives her lots of kisses everyday. Even when i pick him up from school and bring her - he doesnt care about me, he runs up to "Iley" and shows her off to his friends. 

She is getting big. She is 4 weeks and her 1 month apt is this Friday. Last visit (1.5 weeks ago) she was at 8lbs 3 oz (from 6 lbs 8oz when she left the hospital - born 6lbs 11 oz) and i cant wait to hear what she weighs now - shes starting to get some chunk! We took a tape measure to her the other night and looks like grew 1.25" inches but we shall see what the Dr says.

Heres some pics from the past few weeks!

First real bath

 Jack and Rileys first walk together
 He loves his sister

 Jack is so swear he almost a 1.5 year old in a 3 year olds body....i turn around and he is doing this with my pump stuff - hilarious!
Big boy at school
  The weather has been awesome so lots of walks and park time.

 Thowing stones with Grandma
Opening Day! My new fav family pic!

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