Sunday, March 11, 2012

Smiley Riley

Riley Kathleen Corrigan
3.6.12 • 6lbs 11oz • 20"

We had a scheduled induction on Tuesday the 6th (super tuesday election day LOL). We arrived at Grant at 5:30am! Ready to get it going!

 Paging Dr Danny
 Got my IV (the worst part of the day) at 6:30. There was a "bigger" patient (nurses words not mine) who had a csection scheduled but it was delayed (could have been her puking - we could hear here in our room - gross!). So anyways, that delayed my epidural. They broke my water at 9am. I was having contractions but honestly not bad! I hit 6cm and was still ok! Got my epi at 10:45. After waiting and waiting, finally hit 10cm at 3. The dr was still at home (Tuesday is her hospital day and I was the only thing on the books - good thing she lives 10 mins away).


So after a while of sitting upright to try to use gravity to move her down, we started to push a little without her - STOP! She got there, I pushed some more (hated it). STOP! She went to pee and get her scrubs - kinda funny. After 40 mins of stopping and starting, she came at 4:33!

They do this new thing were they wipe her down on you and you do skin on skin for 90 mins. Was pretty cool. Finally after that we got her stats.   

Proud dada!

Bapa and Juju (thats her new name per jack)

Happy Grandma

 Jack came to visit the next morning - was too late by the time they moved us from the birthing room. He kept petting her! Heres their first encounter...

On our way home!

She is so cute and Jack is loving her! Welcome to the family Riley!

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