Saturday, January 29, 2011

3.5 Month pics

We had a little photo session today. He was good for a while BUT I did it before he got cranky fast :) But heres some cute shots of Jack at 3.5 Months!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Months

Been busy over here - went back to work the 10th...the 12th Danny and I both got a stomach bug that left us the sickest we have EVER been for 2 days!!! Now Ive got a cold (jack too). But work is good - crazy but thats nothing new. Jack is now 14 weeks old - 3.5 months! He is so awesome. Rolling over, grabbing rings....he has the cutest giggle too! We cant get enough!

Bubble Mohawk!
Watching the bears game with dad (and our friends the past 2 weekends - but not superbowl bound though boo!) This is my new favorite picture :)

Dad loves reading to Jack
On my 3 Month Bday
I love grabbing hanging things...then i want to put them in my mouth

Giggles with Grandma Kathy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 weeks

Soon I wont post pics from every week :) BUT it was my last week on maternity leave with the little man. We had a great week - besides the fact I got a cold! All week he slept all night! Mostly 10p till 6:15am!! Heres some shots from the week!

Tummy time on the boppy

All dressed up for lunch with grandpa (after he finished putting down the shoe molding on the 1st floor :)
"You talking to me??? Ill make you an offer you cant refuse..."
He doesnt nap much during the day but heres a rare moment!
In his new walker - which we just push him around in for now.
Sunday was dad and judy's annual open house party. jack was surgically attached to both of them

1st Day of "School"

We are so lucky that danny has an awesome daycare at Chase for Jack to go to till the my mom and dad watch him 3 days a week in March (then 2 days a week at a place down the road). The place is great and the best part (besides that its FREE) - danny can visit him during lunch! Jack loves to look in the mirrors and play with the hanging toys.

Dad sending mom a pic to get her through the day

The daycare staff was so cute and sent pictures to us of his first day.

Danny took this video today (day 2). He loves sitting in the "spa" and playing with the toys

Thursday, January 6, 2011

rollin rollin rollin....

Jack rolled over last night for the 1st time (no footage)...then today I put him on his belly, got the remote, returned and he was on his back...I missed it!! I put him back on his belly and there was no stopping him!

Here is his roll over #3 ever caught on tape

And here are the 2 other rolls after that one!

This one is cute - he gets stuck and kicks his leg over for the full roll...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tummy Time

Jack has always had awesome head strength. Since he was born, he's been able to keep it up for a little while. We also burp him upright on the knee so he gets lots of practice. Now he can hold it up for minutes at a time. But he HATES tummy time. Might be because of his reflux...not sure. However, we got the boppy out and that seems to help! Here is one of the 1st successful tummy times - thank goodness!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve 2010!

Goodbye 2010. We had a going away party at our house - just a little get together with the gang. Was a fun, easy going night of ping pong, wii, food, drinks, 2 dogs, a baby and warm weather! So warm we hung out on the deck most of the night!

Jack getting in the NYE mood

Hanging with dad and his light up NYE bowtie
The ladies (ignore my 80's leggings - I didnt have tights)

Marks xray vision is no match for Andreas force field

Cute boys!
Getting toasted
4....3....2...1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

10 weeks

Jack is 10 weeks already! Here are some pics from this week!

Busted in the tub!

Playing in his jungle gym with grandpa
1st time he grabbed the rings all by himself!!!
Look at those cheeks! He never smiles like this!
Hanging at Grandpas.
Jack talking!