Thursday, January 27, 2011

3 Months

Been busy over here - went back to work the 10th...the 12th Danny and I both got a stomach bug that left us the sickest we have EVER been for 2 days!!! Now Ive got a cold (jack too). But work is good - crazy but thats nothing new. Jack is now 14 weeks old - 3.5 months! He is so awesome. Rolling over, grabbing rings....he has the cutest giggle too! We cant get enough!

Bubble Mohawk!
Watching the bears game with dad (and our friends the past 2 weekends - but not superbowl bound though boo!) This is my new favorite picture :)

Dad loves reading to Jack
On my 3 Month Bday
I love grabbing hanging things...then i want to put them in my mouth

Giggles with Grandma Kathy

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