Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year was the most low key ever - we didnt do our annual carving contest, we didnt go to a party and we didnt do costumes (though danny said we are "mom and dad" this year). It was nice to have danny off for 2 weeks so we just keep the "staycation" going and relaxed. Jack did have a few halloween items from family and we got him a costume that we had to put on him (thats way too big!). I did "pump and dump" and had some brews though! Next year will be more a Corrigan style Halloween :)

TOUCHDOWN!!! This will actually get some good use beyond Halloween...super bowl party for sure!

Bachan Judy got me this - it barely fit over my head!

Mom took a few pics of me in this and I was making funny faces at her....(i love this)

Grandma Kathy painted my face on a pumpkin and Bachan made me this "jack" o lantern.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack Celebration Dinner!

Since Dannys parents are here we had a "Jack Italian Night Party". Everyone brought lots of yummy Italian treats. Then cigars and shots of Bailys and Jameson!

Grandpa Tom feeding jack :)

I had jack in this cute outfit (1st time in jeans - which kinda look like old man pants) and he pee'd...out of a leg and onto the couch - nice buddy!

Mom and her snuggle butt

Family picture!

New outfit - captain jack!


Now his dinner time (yummmm boobie milk)

Corrigans and Shermans

Cigars and shots!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Football

Danny has been waiting months for football sunday with is the 1st Sunday of many to come!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


It all started Monday Oct 18th at 4:30...started having contractions...of course, they were all night long! At 5:30am I said "Danny lets get the house ready, lets get to the hospital I cant take it!" We had the worst fog that morning (looked like nightmare on elm street!) But we made it.

Here we are in the triage room where they determine if you should stay or not...I was only 3cm but they got a hold of my Dr and she said "Keep here there, Im coming." Thank goodness I couldnt take being at home with contractions for 1 more minute.

Got my IV and waiting on my epidural. The 2nd anesthesiologist was stuck in traffic b/c of the fog and the other was in surgery...thank goodness I said I wanted the epi 1st and didnt start the potocin and break my water since she was running really late!

Paging Doctor Danny

Talking to Joni on the phone!

Danny liked the mirror that comes down from the ceiling - I didnt want it!

Oct 19th was the prettiest day (once the fog cleared).

Grandpa and Danny checking my stats

After 1.25 hours of pushing (which was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do!) Jack arrived!!! 6.8 lbs and 18.8" long!

The Corrigans

Dad and Jack cuddling

Happy Grandma!

Grandpa and Bachan (thats Japanese for Grandma)

Headed home on his actual due date (10/21)

1st car ride!

Hanging with mom on the couch (I look terrible and still swollen whatever :)


Saturday, October 9, 2010


check it out!

photos of grace for gap

Justin and Debi wanted me to take some pics of them and Grace (ok mostly her for the GAP Baby contest thats going on). She didnt like to be held much but we got some cute shots of her - especially in her yellow coat and hat - sooooooo cute! Heres a few!

Of course she had to be wearing a GAP sweatshirt :)

The Riddles

I love this shot - its vintage looking and innocent :)

I took this one 2 weekends ago of her while we were watching the buckeye game (love her cheerleading outfit - Go Bucks!)