Sunday, October 3, 2010

my weekend through pix

Friday: The TRHHSAC went to andrea and mark's for some Ray Ray's ribs and brisket! Its a truck that makes bbq only a few days a week. Mark ordered a ton and picked it up - was sooo good.

Saturday: In the morning, some of us BBW gals went to meet Beckys twins!!! They are adorable!

Meanwhile, danny got the car seat in (now we just need to get one in his car)

After some OSU football and a nap, Danny surprised me with an early anniversary dinner at Martini's downtown....sooooo good.

Sunday: its cold and cloudy - so made a huge pot of chili!

I havent painted my fingernails in like 7 months so decided I should today. A nice trim and a new color - wet cement! Im obsessed with the color!

Relaxing in the basement watching football with the kids.

Perfect weekend!

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

oh hey, that color is awesome! what brand is it?

if that chili doesn't kick that baby out of you... i don't know what will. well, except for moving heavy furntiture. i hear that always does the trick ;-)

that bbq truck sounds super delice! we love us some bbq around here. ryan and i always say that IF we ever get married, we're having bbq at our wedding. totally our style.

have fun watching football ;-)