Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack Celebration Dinner!

Since Dannys parents are here we had a "Jack Italian Night Party". Everyone brought lots of yummy Italian treats. Then cigars and shots of Bailys and Jameson!

Grandpa Tom feeding jack :)

I had jack in this cute outfit (1st time in jeans - which kinda look like old man pants) and he pee'd...out of a leg and onto the couch - nice buddy!

Mom and her snuggle butt

Family picture!

New outfit - captain jack!


Now his dinner time (yummmm boobie milk)

Corrigans and Shermans

Cigars and shots!

1 comment:

Four to Score said...

oh yay, his parents made it out there quick.

i have to say that your mother looks like she's in absolute heaven in that family pic.

he's such a little pumpkin, i just wanna snuggle him.

you guys make a cute little family.

i wanna come out so bad. maybe december....