Saturday, October 23, 2010


It all started Monday Oct 18th at 4:30...started having contractions...of course, they were all night long! At 5:30am I said "Danny lets get the house ready, lets get to the hospital I cant take it!" We had the worst fog that morning (looked like nightmare on elm street!) But we made it.

Here we are in the triage room where they determine if you should stay or not...I was only 3cm but they got a hold of my Dr and she said "Keep here there, Im coming." Thank goodness I couldnt take being at home with contractions for 1 more minute.

Got my IV and waiting on my epidural. The 2nd anesthesiologist was stuck in traffic b/c of the fog and the other was in surgery...thank goodness I said I wanted the epi 1st and didnt start the potocin and break my water since she was running really late!

Paging Doctor Danny

Talking to Joni on the phone!

Danny liked the mirror that comes down from the ceiling - I didnt want it!

Oct 19th was the prettiest day (once the fog cleared).

Grandpa and Danny checking my stats

After 1.25 hours of pushing (which was the hardest thing Ive ever had to do!) Jack arrived!!! 6.8 lbs and 18.8" long!

The Corrigans

Dad and Jack cuddling

Happy Grandma!

Grandpa and Bachan (thats Japanese for Grandma)

Headed home on his actual due date (10/21)

1st car ride!

Hanging with mom on the couch (I look terrible and still swollen whatever :)



Tara and Jeff said...

So happy he's home safe and sound! I love love love him. My favorite birthday present so far !

Four to Score said...

awwwww.... what a cute little fella.

i think someone looks like his mama. i know i said daddy before but i changed my mind ;-)

sounds like you had it pretty smooth there my friend.

i'm looking forward to seeing looooooots of pics of him.

i'm heartbroken that i can't come see him. i really wish i could.

i guess there's always march but he wont be a newborn anymore ;-(

i'm glad you guys are home safe and sound. welcome to motherhood!