Sunday, June 26, 2011

The top deck!

After 3 years of talking about it, the top deck is done!!!! John the neighbor makes decks for his friends and offered to do ours - what a guy. It took a little longer than we thought due to weather and vacations but still done in a about 1.5 months.

The start!

They got the big posts dug and set in 1 weekend, then got the joyces up (if thats even the term!)
My dad helped a bunch. I even laid some deck boards too :)

Jack helped a little with his tool belt. Mainly he yelled at us to stop drinking beer and get to work. Hes a tough foreman geeze!

Finally!!!! Woo hoo!!!
Now I cant wait to get some sweet new furniture - Ikea here I come!

jack, parker and gus can finally come out without falling off lol!

Jack and Maddy turn 1!

Jack and Madeline turned 1 on the 19th!!! For those who dont know, they are friend Beckys twins :) Was such a gorgeous day out for the party yesterday! They are so big and amazing!

Jack and Jack
Maddy stole jacks binkie right out of his mouth lol!
The fitzwaters came! shhhh jessi is expecting :)
Adorable monster cupcakes!

Jack is getting so big!

Jack is over 8 months now - where is the time going?! He is eating lots of foods with his hands, talking up a storm with his "ba bas" "ma mas" but mainly his "da das". He is pulling himself up to his knees, and only wants to stand so we had to drop his matress in the crib down to the lowest setting! He is crawling backwards, not so much forwards, but moving all over so we turned the man cave into the baby cave - more room for him. Heres some random pics - we love you buddy!

In his shades like his daddy.
Hanging with his uncle at the Go West Festival.
Rocking out to bands.
He looks sooooo serious!
Bottle or shoe? That is the question.
Chilling with his pals at daycare.
Came to visit mommy at work one day!
Eating some mac and cheese - yum!
Trying to see what mom and dad are doing.
Standing by himself!

1st Dads Day

Dads day actually turned into Dads Weekend. It was the Gahanna Creekside Jazz Fest so Saturday we headed down for some drinks and music...of course it was sprinkling too!

The ducks were out in full force.
The canopy on the stroller wasnt quite long enough.
Listening to some jazz (under cover)
Sunday Jack and I took dad to the driving range - jack wasnt too interested.

That afternoon, the family came over for some grilling and beers.
Jack and Grandpa!

Grandma comes to visit!

Dannys mom came for a quick visit at the beginning of the month. Was so nice to have her here! We cant wait till she comes back!

Waiting at the airport!
There she is!!
Granda and Jack took lots of walks and she even babysat him on Monday for a while we were at work.
Sunday we put jack in the baby pool for the first time. Was glad grandma got to be a part of that.

Memorial Day weekend

Long time no post!!! Been busy here. Lots to post :)

That long weekend we headed up to dannys cousins beachhouse at Lake Michigan with a kid who had a fever :( We spend the afternoon not on the beach but at the Dr. Not a fun way to start the weekend.

Jacks first road trip!

So he wasnt feeling too hot the next day - and the weather didnt cooperate either. Was raining. But lots of the chicago family came down to meet jack and have a (soggy cookout)

Sunday Jack was feeling better (not 100% but better). BUT of course, still wet out. Then we had such severe storm warnings that the tornado sirens started to go off! The boys decided it was best to play some wiffle ball.

Luckily, we escaped a twister and the weather was perfect after the storm! Time for a badmiton tourney.

And finally a walk on the beach! Its behind the house but with the crappy weather, this was the 1st time we got to it. Jack was loving the sounds of the waves. Plus skipping rocks.

Monday was perfect weather - actually a tad hot! Jack finally got to have his 1st beach time in the sand.

Despite the fever and the bad weather, we had a great time. Its always a blast with the Noonans and cant wait to see them again!