Sunday, June 26, 2011

The top deck!

After 3 years of talking about it, the top deck is done!!!! John the neighbor makes decks for his friends and offered to do ours - what a guy. It took a little longer than we thought due to weather and vacations but still done in a about 1.5 months.

The start!

They got the big posts dug and set in 1 weekend, then got the joyces up (if thats even the term!)
My dad helped a bunch. I even laid some deck boards too :)

Jack helped a little with his tool belt. Mainly he yelled at us to stop drinking beer and get to work. Hes a tough foreman geeze!

Finally!!!! Woo hoo!!!
Now I cant wait to get some sweet new furniture - Ikea here I come!

jack, parker and gus can finally come out without falling off lol!

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