Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jack is getting so big!

Jack is over 8 months now - where is the time going?! He is eating lots of foods with his hands, talking up a storm with his "ba bas" "ma mas" but mainly his "da das". He is pulling himself up to his knees, and only wants to stand so we had to drop his matress in the crib down to the lowest setting! He is crawling backwards, not so much forwards, but moving all over so we turned the man cave into the baby cave - more room for him. Heres some random pics - we love you buddy!

In his shades like his daddy.
Hanging with his uncle at the Go West Festival.
Rocking out to bands.
He looks sooooo serious!
Bottle or shoe? That is the question.
Chilling with his pals at daycare.
Came to visit mommy at work one day!
Eating some mac and cheese - yum!
Trying to see what mom and dad are doing.
Standing by himself!

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