Monday, September 9, 2013

Only 1 left in diapers!

Well we decided to give this a real whirl since he can't go into the preschool room till he's trained (and turn age 3 lol) last weekend we did it cold turkey...straight to undies and pullups only for nap and night time...well that did the trick! We are at 4 days no accidents (he's only had 4 total in 11 days so not bad at all), tells us when he has to go #1 or #2 but even tonight he just went in without telling us till after he was done! 

Good job kiddo!!!

Update 9/10: jack was out hanging with grandma at a store today and he said he had to go...and went there! This is a minor miracle bc he hates public bathrooms! He hates the flushing noises and even told her he didn't want to flush lol!

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