Sunday, February 7, 2010

Labatts Blue & Bluejackets Hockey

Last night we got to use our xmas gift from dannys sister kim - tickets to the Bluejackets/Sabres game and oh man - we had the best seats ever!!! we were front row, right where the zamboni comes out!!! That section only has 2 seats so I didnt have to make everyone move when i had to pee - awesome!

There were a TON of Buffalo fans (they always travel down I guess) and they were loud BUT the bluejackets kicked there ass 4-0!! Was a great game and we had the best time ever at a bluejackets game!

We could see us the big screen during the anthem - well barely :)
When in Rome (or a hockey game) gotta drink the Canadian beer!



Heres a video of the Bluejackets coming out on the ice. Sweet seats huh! Thanks kim!!!