Monday, September 5, 2011

No Labor - Labor Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! Danny and I played hookie Friday. That is 1 of jacks daycare days so we dropped him off and had some fun - breakfast, then went to the outlet mall 40 mins south of columbus. we got a new West Elm kitchen table (was 450 for 199!) and got some clothes. Then we barely made it back in time for Mr Sushi's lunch special - wheww!

Friday night we went to Mark and Andreas for a cookout. Jack loves his Aunt Gigi. 

Saturday night we had a wedding. Our olf friend Robins daughter Stephanie. I did her invites and program :) The wedding was blast!

She stole my exact cake (except with blue ribbons instead of brown :) Well it was a pretty design right!

Monday was GORGEOUS! Fall weather!! We had to go to Creekside and see the ducks and take a family stroll.

The morning was PJ time :)

Look at all the leaves starting to fall mom!

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