Saturday, May 29, 2010

new ride

Well after over 6 months of Danny talking and searching the internet, we started really looking at BMW's this week. He wanted used (and so did i for a low payment! I kept telling him we arent having a payment over 300 no matter what!)

Well today - score! We found an 07, black with black leather, 1 previous owner by lease, mint condition at a dealership here in town. The miles were a tad more than I wanted but he only drives 4 miles each way to work.

Meanwhile, while we are test driving it, Danny is emailing another dealership about lowering the price on one we test drove Wed. Well this car was 25k and we got it down to 19.5k! AND our payment is under 250 so took it home! We wanted to have sold the Blazer to my mom BEFORE getting a car and have the extra cash go towards it but the deal was too good. We will still sell it to my mom but will save that mulah instead.

Im so happy for him and super happy we got a great deal.


Tara and Jeff said...

Thought you guys were getting a Suburban for all the kids you are going to have :)

Four to Score said...

i'm thinking a black Britax Marathon would go perfectly with it!