Sunday, November 29, 2009

holiday house

Its officially holiday time! i worked a few hours on friday, then got us our xmas gift, a new 50" flatscreen for the basement. we both have gotten lots of great gifts all year, so we figured we would do it with the great deals PLUS if we get xmas money, it can go towards it. We have found a stand yet (i dont want to mount it).

Saturday danny got the tree up and I started on the house decor. He started the lights but finished them today.

Our friends Justin and Debi came by with their kiddo Grace today. I took some family pics for their xmas card. Grace did pretty good :)

And....I finally went to Davids Bridal and got my bridesmaid dress for Kims wedding - turns out they are discontinuing her dress color next week so thank goodness I made it in time! She would kill me!! We are picking whatever shorter length dress we want but in her color "Capri" (pale blue). This is in yellow but its the style I chose. The rest looked frumpy on me :(


Four to Score said...

the house looks fantastic - inside and out! what a great tree, so pretty. i seriously can't even think about xmas decorations. i don't wanna have to pack em up, in case we end up moving during the holidays.

what a super cutie gracie is!

and the dress is really cute. i'm guessing the wedding is here? when is it?

Tara and Jeff said...

I wish I had half of your decorating skills girl! Your house is so beautiful...really wished we lived in Ohio now