Sunday, October 25, 2009

down on the farm

Mikaela's birthday was saturday - and for those who dont know "wookie", she is straight up a naturalist/biologist. She is getting her masters by defending her thesis about birds and mercury levels...she has done field studys in alaska, mexico, name it. love that girl - BF from high school. anyhoo - she is in town for a month or 2 and for her bday all she wanted to do was go to her familys farm in southern ohio and hike in the morning. well, i was down for it!

1st stop friday night was the circleville pumpkin festival. it was pouring rain on us but we saw unbelievably huge pumpkins and made fun of locals.

so after that, we headed to farm....1st the chain across their driveway wasnt up, 2. there was light on in the house when we drove up. 3. the door wasnt locked - yes we still entered and i had a broom in my hand while mikaela yelled....then she noticed the bathroom light was on but the door was closed - we ran out of there, got in the car and called their neighbor who is a local cop! he was working a friday night high school game but came - turns out he wasthe deputy sherrif! he went in and secured the house for us! woo hoo! we sat outside till 1am, grilled brats, had a few beers and looked at the stars.
the farm is beautiful. there wasnt sun on saturday but at least it wasnt raining! no matter still gorgeous with the leaves.

then we drove to hocking hills for some hiking. we hiked 6+ miles. was super fun.

i hate heights.
cedar falls:

i told wookie to climb this rock and she fell straight backwards....
the birthday girl!
then that night we went to our friends Justin and Debi's for their annual halloween party. we went as "Justin and Debi" - our costumes were perfect! BUT I didnt get any pictures except for a few with their baby Grace!! she was the great pumpkin - adorable.


Tara and Jeff said...

I love hiking too...looks like you had alot of fun !

Four to Score said...

those are great pics from the hike!

that's a HUGE pumpkin!

and what a cute little farm. almost cute enough to counter how cold it is in ohio... but not quite.