Monday, October 12, 2009

anniversay in cozumel

Year 1 - down! Danny booked us a trip to cozumel a while back and it finally came!

Our hotel and room was amazing!
The hotel has a beach area too which was so cool b/c you could walk out a ways and not feel scared – ok I get scared :)

Just arrived!

Joni surprised us with this in our room! love that girl...

Yes! here is the best part of our trip - the room! this is our patio that walks out to the water!

Our Igauna "mac"...they are all over the island.

Time for some water and drinks

Sunset from our room

Breakfast in the open air restaurant

After breatfast we rented scooters downtown! I was terrified at 1st but I ended up loving it. We looked like C.H.I.P.S.

We rode to the middle of the island and saw some mayan ruins.

The we went to the other side of the island which was amazing. Big waves.

We rode down the whole coast. There arent any hotels on this side so its you, rode and lots of beach and every few kilometers a bar!

1 of a few pitstops: playa bonita!

Another pretty pitstop for a beer and sights

That night we went downtown for some food and saw another beautiful sunset.

More hotel shots :)

Dannys loved the snorkeling there...i on the otherhand got stung by a baby jellyfish - naturally...

Saturday was supposed to be shopping day but then turned into tequila shots at senor frogs, making friend with some girls from a cruise, and drinking a little too much :)

That night we went for a romantic dinner to The Lobster House...and the head butler drive us! Which after a while we thought he was going to kill us in the jungle b/c it was far! We got there and it was a little shack with open air and candles but really cool. They even have a crocodile in the front that lives there. They only have lobster tails that were caught that day. Danny was freaked out since it was very rustic and only us but after some drinks was cool. Then while eating out of no-where, a crab ran past our chairs! He went behind a shelf and we tried to lure him out! We didn’t want him to get stuck and die there! He eventually made his way out, poor thing. So turns out they only take cash – hello! We didn’t know that but he let us leave it at the hotel for him in an envelope...shady.

he was a big crab!

was a great trip and we are 100% going again!!!


Four to Score said...

it looks like the best place on earth! i soooooo wish we could do something like that. maybe you can drop a few hints to ryan...

that "mexican target" is f'in hilarious!

and danny with the hula skirt and that guy behind him? ha ha ha!

i'll have to keep cozumel in mind for a honeymoon. it looks exactly like something i would want and everything that ryan doesn't.

glad you guys had fun! i can't believe you got stung by a jellyfish?! are you accident prone? ha!

Four to Score said...

ps - yes the house is in the middle of nowhere, exactly what ryan wants. i'm seeing a trend...

Tara and Jeff said...

wow guys super beautiful. I've been to those exact spots you were at many moons ago :) I think you should explain the picture where Danny is getting arrested by the federales ???