Thursday, October 22, 2009


So of course Im a MAC kid - been my whole life (remember the apple 2Gs with the green screens as kid?). Anyhoo - ive got 2 mac computers at home and the nano. well ive been itching for an iphone (have a crackberry) and i heard verizon is going to get them next I heard next Dec. What the heck! I cant wait that long. People at work are always talking about it and Im jealous! My BBF got an itouch last month (Joni in AZ) and then my twin brother got one yesterday....well I want one!!!

So i was joking with danny about it via emails at work. He was like "maybe christmas". Well i beat him home today. He came in and I greeted him in the kitchen. I walked past the counter - took a double take - BAM itouch!!!!! I LOVE THIS MAN! He has been playing with it more than me....I think Ill have to buy him one now :)


Four to Score said...

wife swap?

just for a day?

i might not be kidding this time...

i was due for an upgrade about 9 months ago and went to verizon to get a new phone. i got the blackberry cause ryan got one earlier that day and when i got home he told me it had to go back cause he didn't want to pay for the internet for mine. just for his cause of work. no kidding, it went back 5 minutes later ;-(

ps - i think danny wants a baby in return for all these fabulous gifts, ha!

Danny said...

haaaachhooooo (spoiled brat)