Sunday, October 4, 2009

pumpkin pickin

Fall is here! Jessi and I went to Lindys farm to pick some pumpkins and shop at her barn sale. Her barn is amazing! She makes vintage chandeliers and they hang from the rafters which really looks stunning. BUT she also has a pumpkin patch (amung over thingslike a chicken coop, pond ect). I work with Lindy and we even saw Jen (also work with) and her fiance Jason there (who are having their reception at the barn next year!).

The weather was chilly in the morning but by noon was perfect football saturday weather (opposite of last saturday sitting at the game in the rain). Danny and I went to the school field right by us and threw the football around with parker. GREAT DAY!

Why do I look like an ad for Gourd Magazine? Must be the wind in my hair....i look ridiculous.
Jessi was a tad cold in the morning.

Jen & Jason!

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