Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Columbus Bride Magazine

We had the best photographers at our wedding! Amazing pictures. AND local photographers are allowed to submit up to 4 weddings that they shot for the Columbus Bride Magazine (which comes out 4 a year). However, the photographers don't know if any of their shots make it in till its out on stands. Well, Brian and Alison submitted ours for the fall/winter edition (which ours was a fall wedding) and the new edition came out! Not only did we make it in but they also got the cover shot!!! Yay!!

We got a 2 page spread and our cake was a full page! Plus we had a few pics throughout the magazine plus we are their ad (awwww). So it was a wonderful surprise that we got in a lot and they got so many in the magazine - woo hoo!

I wish I had better pictures of the magazine, but click them to see them bigger.

Here is the content page (middle pic):

Here is the spread on page 8 & 9! Looks sooo good in person. Funny thing is, I dont like the pic of me sitting but oh well :)
My flowers (LOVE that they have my placecard in the background)

Our cake!

We love this picture BUT read the caption....too cute!

This is the 2nd time they used us for their ad...thanks guys!

Here is their cover shot! GO GROGAN STUDIOS!


Four to Score said...

how exciting!! you're a famous bride, ha!

i've said this before, those pics are AMAZING! i know you know that, they are fantastic for real. too bad i wouldn't be able to afford to fly them out for my wedding (in 10 years).

Tara and Jeff said...

You guys are Fabulous did I mention that before..most beautiful bride ever.

Ms. S. said...

STILL SO TOTALLY THRILLED FOR YOU!!! The magazine won't be leaving my coffee table for years!! MOM