Tuesday, September 8, 2009

labor day lake

Danny and I took a roadtrip up to Lake Michigan for the long weekend! Of course, the Noonans (all 8 cousins, plus Uncle Mike and Aunt Mary V AND Uncle Tom and Aunt Teri) were all there and we had the best time. We had super weather and lots of cold beers. Besides getting pulled over for speeding on the way up (which Danny got out of), we couldnt have asked for a better time. THANKS NOONAN FAMILY!

Perfect Weather :)
A little busy but not too crowded.
This is the back of the Noonans house - its spectaular - have I mentioned that? hehe
Aunt Mary V catching some rays.
McKenna joined us on the beach even.

We played lots of catch the whole weekend. My arms are still sore!
Danny went golfing saturday - which he wasnt prepared for. He wore uncle Mikes big polo and someones trail shoes...so funny. He wouldnt let me take a picture.
This is the coolest. On the TV in the kitchen, they have thsi joystick that hooks up and old school games play in demand! PacMan rules!
Uncle Mike
Sunday night we went to the country club for dinner. the waitress has never taken a picture before apparantly....hello aunt mary is 1/2 out of the shot!
Sunday we left around 11 and stopped at an outlet mall. Danny bought me a new Coach bag for our anniversary! Its gray patent leather (which I was looking for)...score!!!!
Then we stopped at Notre Dame to see some of the sights. Such a beautiful campus!!

This is as close as we got to inside of the stadium...boooo.
They happen to be cleaning and repainting the gold helmets when we walked by - a ND tradition so that was pretty cool.


Four to Score said...

i think i might want to move there! well, until the snow started falling, booooooo! what a great weekend, i wanna go somewhere fun like that. that house i spectacular for sure!

what a retarded waitress. it amazes me how some people can't take pictures? my mom is one of them, it is NOT that hard!

cool notre dame pics. my whole childhood i grew up wanting to go there for college. and then i found it it snows there (see a pattern??).

looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend. hope you have a great tan line to show for it ;-)

Tara and Jeff said...

awesome weekend , much more exciting then ours...its cool though. Wanting to move to Ohio more and more each day