Friday, August 28, 2009

I must have been a good girl this week!

Thursday at work is Quarterly Briefing where associated at Bath and Body Works gets the low-down on how sales are performing ect with the brand. They also hand out awards to associates who perform well - called the Reflection Award. Contracted people cant go - me, Im a contract freelance graphic designer - for the past 3 years. No sweat for me not being able to go, it gives me more time to work!

Well we had our dept touchbase that afternoon and what a surprise! The directors and my senior designer (Julie) decided to create a "Contractor Reflection Award" and I was the 1st reciepant! It was soooo sweet. Julie had a speech talking about what I do to contribute, my dedication, blah blah blah (not to mention organize birthday parties for my co-workers). I got flowers, a giftcard to Easton mall and cupcakes. Brenda (my art director) teared up a little which made me. Oh and I got an ugly tiara thingy.

It was so special that they thought about doing that for me. I love what I do and I guess they see that.

PLUS today I get home and Danny brought me sunflowers! He is starting to spoil me with all these flowers lately but Im fine with that!


Four to Score said...

super duper congrats!!

can we trade boyfriends (well, signigicant others) for a little while?

Four to Score said...

no seriously, wanna trade for a weekend?

Four to Score said...

ps - the ugly tiara thing is f'in hilarious

Four to Score said...

fine! i'll send a pic with a shirt ON but i'll have you know that you just took all the fun out of it, ha! and it will probably be a VERY tight shirt, ha!