Sunday, August 23, 2009

fresh paint

so if you know anything about danny and i, we love to do house stuff :) this weekend was no exception. i was inspired by a beach house in michigan city, IN and repainted our livingroom. Its so much brighter and feels so fresh in there - love it! we want to eventually redo the fireplace/mantle (flush to the wall with stainless) but until then, i primed and painted the old nasty tile with a metallic "gunmetal" color and it looks great!!!! here some pics!



The color looks SUPER with our wood floors.


Four to Score said...

that color looks fantastic! i wish ryan was more open-minded ;-( the house looks awesome, and those floors are killer! does anybody live there besides gus and parker? it looks like a model home! oh you just wait til you have a toddler (or 2), ha ha ha ha!

Tara and Jeff said...

I really love it, of course my favorite color is green. Our bedroom was the very same color :)

Four to Score said...

oh yeah - and i'm still curious if anybody lives there?