Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Elizabeths Bachlorette Weekend!

Last weekend I drove to Michigan City, Indiana to the Noonans (dannys cousins) new Lake house! Holy Smokes - was it amazing...a flat screen in every room (plus in a hall), 4 stories with an elevator! It was really something. Cant wait to go back!

The lake was so spectacular. I had no idea that the sand was soft and the lake crystal clear. It was like being on the ocean but with fresh water and no jellyfish to worry about.

View from our bedroom balcony (4th floor)

The walk from their back patio to the water.

Friday night:
Elizabeth got her surprise cake (made from some ladies that have a cake show on TLC.)

I made some extra special cookies for the event too - in both pink and black!!

Then flip cup time!

Our team won!

Then topped the night off with a dance-off! Kiki won dang it...

Saturday Morning:
We walked to another beautiful home that the girls rented. There were 26 girls so 1/2 stayed at the Noonans and the others stayed there. They made breakfast for all of us.

The little beach town was so cute.

The afternoon was spent at the beach - we played some Penis Ring Toss in the water (gee I wonder who brought that?)

Then she opened her gifts and thats when my camera died! It was dropped Friday night (not the 1st time but I guess its last). It survived BUT Saturday night it shit the bed right as our party bus showed up to take us to some bars!!! It was like the rock of love tour bus - lights, music, stripper pole! We 1st stopped at the Stray Dog. Live music, Elizabeth got a few lap dances, and lots of booze. Then we took the bus to a casino for another live band, some of us falling off the stage, and more fun I wont mention.

My new cousins. (the middle 3 are the Noonans).

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Four to Score said...

MAN!! i really need a weekend like that! you have no idea, ha! that seriously looks like the best weekend that ever existed.

that house sounds spectacular! i would have loved to see that little beach town.

the penis cookies were hilarious. and her cake from the tlc ladies? holy crap!

you and the penis ring toss, you're too funny. i bet that was a lot of fun.

is that a dress i see you in missy? it's super cute!

what a fun weekend! too bad the camera died, i would have loved to see the rock of love bus!

i'm afraid to ask who footed the bill for the bachelorette weekend? the parents?