Sunday, August 2, 2009

home improvement

dannys parents are coming to town in a few days so we did a few exterior things that we had been putting off: new exterior lights, paint the front door, plant a few pine trees ect. Its looking good for a kid from PHX!

ignore the fact that the planter is empty...i cant keep anything alive. we painted the front door black. i need to get some silver numbers to put on the door but should look sharp when its done.

new lights by the garage
some new plants

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Four to Score said...

the house looks FANTASTIC! like usual though. i wish ryan would do yard work, ggrrrrrr! love the black front door. i probably would have never thought about that but it looks really good. go margaux!

so are you still planning a trip back here in jan? would it be just you or the hubby too?

have fun with the rents!

you'll have to show them my blog so they can see the kiddos.