Sunday, July 26, 2009

lazy weekend

This weekend was lazy but great. Friday danny brought me home flowers which was sweet. He did 2 weeks ago my friends were like "what did he do". Nothing...but they were like "nothing that you know about"...haha true! Makes me wonder now....hummmm. We played trivial pursuit which we hadnt in a long time! Was so much fun. We actually called it a draw - niether of us could get the final question on the middle circle for the win!

Saturday morning danny worked a little and we met at Easton (outdoor mall) for some shopping and lunch. He bought me a new pair of jeans and some cute accessories. After relaxing at home for a bit, we headed back to Easton for drinks, dinner and a movie. I was so excited to finally see Star Trek and ugh sold out!!! Its been out for 2 months. So we decided to see Public Enemies (Johnny Depp). We got in the theater and it was packed but we got seats. A couple asked if 2 people could move into a open space so they could sit together on the end and this older black lady was like "no!".

The movie started and it dawned on me no one was sitting in that seat next to old lady and the woman of the couple who asked people to move down, sat in the 1 seat while her husband/BF went to get popcorn. I leaned over to the old lady (in frt of me) and was like "Is someone actually sitting there?" she flipped out! "dont pressure me to move! the drink and popcorn are too big for me to hold!!" she is screaming and the movie has started. HUGE SCENE! Then I said, "ya but now they cant sit together", she yelled back "thats not my fault", "yes it is", then danny said "well did you pay for 2 seats". I thought the woman was going to swing her purse around! we dropped it and the man can back and he just sat on the stairs next to his girl. Was very sweet. BUT that drove me nuts. PLUS she was so loud during the movie - we all were like "shhhh" about 20 times. The movie sucked but we had a great date day despite the old bag lady and not seeing star trek.

Today danny was up bright and early to go golfing. I took parker on a run and gave her a bath. Then went back to easton to meet Gina. Was soooo nice out. We sat outside at Bon Vie with a few drinks and salads. Then shopped a tad.

Now Im back home. I tried to layout but just my luck, clouds came. They are coming and going, but I gave up. Grilling some brats later. OH I just heard Gus. He threw up. That cat, I swear he is bulimic.


Four to Score said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend... well minus the bag lady. what a BRUTE!! that would have pissed me off and what a great guy to sit on the stairs next to his girlfriend, awwwww!

how much shopping did you guys do? ha! more than ryan's done with me over the last 3 years, i know that!

Kim said...

A word from someone who knows... Danny cheats at Trivial Pursuit. (He used to read the cards and try to commit them to memory!) ;-)