Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

I cant believe that the July 4th weekend is already winding down. I think danny was the only person who had to work Friday :( We won our kickball game thursday night (against the best team in the league!) which started the weekend off right! Had fun at Gresso's celebrating afterwards.

Friday I didnt do much while Danny was working but Chris' annual Red, White and Boom party was that night so I needed the rest. Had a super fun time on the rooftop this year (as usual). The fireworks were great but short! Can you say recession? Afterwards, we went to Collin and Ginas for the night.

The boys went golfing (27 holes!) the next day while the girls got breakfast at noon and watched "woman shows" on TLC with a few coors light. After 1.5 hours of sleep, we went to moms for a cookout and more fireworks. Ahhhh we'll miss you July 4th - until next year - cant wait!

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Four to Score said...

the rooftop party looks like a freakin blast! i'd be afraid i was gonna get drunk and fall DOWN the stairwell. i bet that's happened before, ha! that's a great pic of the fireworks you got. i heard the grand finale of the show somewhere by our house but i was brushing my teeth for bed. that's what happens when you're this old ;-) or maybe just when you have 2 babies and had been up since 3am. yep, that's probably what it was.