Sunday, July 19, 2009

wet camping should be a sport

The forecast said "sunny, low 70's with 20% chance of rain"...all lies. Saturday we showed up to the camp site with cloudy skies, and the moment our friends car pulled up - rain! Poor andrea and mark set their tent up with the skies pouring down on them while gina and i took refuge in our tent. collin and danny sat in the car.

It rained off and on during the afternoon but we still had a good time. The dogs especially loved the cooler wet weather.

Today my toenails were in some need of a pedicure so got a mani/pedi this afternoon after a bike ride to Chipotle! Why wasnt yesterdays weather like today!

Mark is wet after putting his tent up but still smiling!
OK so it started raining so bad that we went and hung out on the bathroom porch! amen for beers and doritoes.
Danny saw a ray of sunlight!
Tiny & Parker are now dating.

Just Bust a move!
Seriously, cornhole was played for less than 1 minute before the rains came again.

Getting dry by the fire.

Gotta have smores.

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Four to Score said...

all that rain sucks! and why are you guys wearing sweatshirts? isn't it july? love the tiny & parker "dating" pic, cute.