Tuesday, June 30, 2009


this is after 30 mins of doing...i was sooo tired!


Four to Score said...

so i'm trying to watch this video and it stops every other second for about 10 seconds and it's really f'in annoying so i'm gonna try to see it again tomorrow. damn, i got a little taste and now i wanna watch the whole thing!

Kim said...

Such a loving, moving tribute to MJ! *holds lighter up in the dark room* (Would be utterly hysterical if you could've convinced Max to join you.)

Four to Score said...

oh my god, you are hilarious! my favorite part is when you start laughing at the end when you're running back to the camera. you know, for a minute i though that maybe you had moonwalked across and back once and then just replayed it several times to make the video until i saw the cat actual move. it saved your butt, missy! ha ha just kidding! what a fun video, love the dance moves at the end. i can't wait to show ryan when he gets home from work!