Sunday, June 14, 2009

3 nights of fun

Thursday night kickball didnt happen due to rain...but the team still met up for drinks at the sponsorship bar Gresso's. Was a good time as usual! BUT Hopefully next thursday we get to kick some large balls.

Friday we all went to see The Hangover - one of the most funny movies we have seen in a while!!! 100% recommend that! But before the movie we had drinks and mexican food at Adobe Gilas. 1. their waitresses' are gross. 2. their food was gross. 3. I got this great bikini lady glass with my drink and that made it all worth it.

Saturday I actually got a lot done - took parker to the vet, got my oil changed, got some roceries, got a new hair straightener - all before noon which left some time to bake in the sun. Danny went golfing with Collin so i had the place to myself. That night though the gang came over to watch UFC pay-per-view. Again, we all had fun but our livers our probably going to give out soon.

Sunday steaks. so got all excited to grill some yummy steaks tonight. I put them on and the grill is out of gas!!! RRRRR. had to finish them in the over under the broiler. Danny will atest, i am a great griller but 100% pissed that happened. we still ate outside and danny made a great salad with honey/oil dressing and baked beans. back to work tomorrow - i need to start to play the lotto.

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Four to Score said...

that's the kind of kickball team i wanna play on! what a great weekend you guys had. the steaks look fantastic, too bad you ran outta gas. good thing it wasn't during a get together or something where there's 20 people to grill for!