Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hall of Fame Weekend

The in-laws came to town last Tuesday! We spend Wed night at Schimdts Sausage Haus in German Village - mom, dad, judy, chris, jason, christy and us went. They had a live polka band so made it hard to hear but was a great time.
Thursday afternoon we flew to NYC for a layover - we had a great view of the city!

Leaving NYC to Syracuse, we flew over the new Yankee Stadium where they were playing my boys - the red sox. I did wear my jesery at the bar at the airport and surprisingly, no fights.
We stayed with cousins Vinnie and Andrea - wouldnt you know, they put danny and I in the Yankee shirne room. Wow - they had a ton of stuff. Nothing like changing clothes in front of a few dozen Derek Jeters and Babe Ruths.

Friday we drove to Cooperstown! OK, we have a million pictures so Ill spare ya.

Of course danny had to test he speed. He actually ended up with 79!

Yes, I had to try and got 54 - the ladies high for the day!
And yes, we had to hit the batting cages.

Schillings bloody sock from 04 was my highlight!

I ended up having poison ivy on the trip! We wrapped my wrists and I looked like a cutter...not funny but it kinda was :)
Saturday was a trip to Syracuse U and the bar to watch the sox/yankees.

Sunday we had a great day at cousin Mary Jo's. The whole family came. Besides the rain, it was a great time.

Thanks for letting us stay Andrea and Vinnie - had a super time.
We missed our connecting flight in DC!!!! So we had to spend the night. Might as well hit the hotel bar right!
A day late, but we made it home.


Four to Score said...

alright - i have a gazillion things to say and don't have the time to say them. hopefully tomorrow....

Four to Score said...

looks like a GREAT time with the rents! love the pic of the mr and mrs c in front of the sausage haus.

what neat pics of nyc! makes me anxious just looking at them though - i HATE to fly, it scares the pee pee out of me.

ummmmm... the shrine room is a little scary, i have to admit. and i'm sure derek jeter didn't mind a little peep show ;-)

i like how you said danny "actually" hit 79mph, ha! you go margaux with your 54! i would have been somewhere around 23 probably ;-{

funny pic of danny and (unknown man) shaking hands.

and how the HELL did you get poison ivy? funny, but not so funny probably, huh? you cutter you...

raining in syracuse, you don't say?!

so did you guys miss your connection on purpose to get an extra day? did that mean you had to miss a day of work? i've missed a connection before and it suuuuuuucked!

what a great time it looks like you guys had! so happy you guys got to see them!