Monday, October 19, 2009

who doesnt like a blue tiffany's box...or 3?

ok i need to brag about my husband...i thought i did awesome on our anniversary gifts this year. I got him some cool bears stuff including an autographed jim mcmahon photo PLUS tickets to the bears/rams game in chicago Dec 6th (we'll already be intown for a wedding so perfect - not to mention the 1st anniversary is "paper"). haha, im soo clever. well danny got me a new laptop battery for my mac (which I got the monday before we left on our trip). SCORE! I needed 1 and they arent cheap. well later that night, I come back to my laptop and BAM there is a tiffany box with a bow! Awww an awesome thick silver square ring - totally margaux!

so then on our trip, i come out of the bathroom, BAM another box on the bed - another ring - double score! then on our last night at dinner, he pulls out another box....ok seriously? another ring. unreal! I did end up exchanging that one for this other (which he was actually torn between that and the other that I exchanged for hehe) but I tell did i get so lukcy????
ya - he is all mine!


Four to Score said...

are you kidding me?

wanna do wife swap for a week? ha!

Tara and Jeff said... wow my lessons on charm for danny must have worked ! I wanna see whats inside the boxes though